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Get the music heard on a bigger stage. 讓音樂在更大的舞台上流淌。

Committed to engaging the community through arts and cultural programmes, Taikoo Place announces the launch of PROJECT AFTER 6: THE PITCH and is now inviting all office workers throughout Hong Kong to participate. Shortlisted musicians will take to the stage in July’s lunchtime concerts and perform alongside celebrity singers at the multi-purpose venue ArtisTree. A panel of industry professionals will pick the best of the best who will receive an exclusive opportunity to showcase their musical talent.

太古坊一向致力以藝文活動凝聚社區,現正推出「PROJECT AFTER 6: THE PITCH」邀請全港上班族音樂人參加。成功通過面試的參加者將於7月的午間音樂會中,與星級歌手及一眾上班族音樂人在多用途場地ArtisTree的舞台上同場演出。經專業評審後,優勝者將獲得一個盡展才華的音樂體驗。


Application Period 報名日期: 14th MAY – 6th JUNE 2019

Audition Date 面試日期: 15.6.2019 (SAT) (09:00-18:00)

Briefing & Musicians’ Masterclass 簡報會及大師班: 22.06.2019 (SAT) (10:00 – 22:00)

Performance Period 表演日期: 4.7.2019 – 15.7.2019 (MON-FRI, 12:30-14:00)

THE PITCH Finale Concert 音樂決賽: 18.7.2019 (THUR) (19:30 – 22:00)

Enquiry 查詢:

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