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Hong Kong Singer Channel

Founded in September 2009, Hong Kong Singer Channel (HKSC) is dedicated to cultivating and promoting local pop music culture with a prime aim to “let everybody sing from the heart”. We have conducted tens of interviews with local singers and published them through the most popular online social platforms, organised more than 100 music events including pop concerts and singing contests, and provided a full array of music-related service. 

Hong Kong Singer Channel成立於2009年,是多元化本地網上音樂平台。一方面,我們扮演音樂媒體角色,以報道樂壇資訊、分析音樂趨勢、介紹傑出歌手為已任,至今累積了數以萬計讀者。我們致力推動本地音樂界的發展,透過正面的深度訪問,讓出色的音樂人分享自己的故事、音樂理念和精彩作品。內容包括歌手專訪、樂壇動態、新碟介紹、演唱會報道、樂壇趨勢深度評論、金曲季選等等。另一方面,我們也是一個音樂活動籌辦單位,不時舉辦歌唱比賽及各類演唱會,讓民間的優秀歌者向世界唱出心聲,團結本地的音樂力量。

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