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🔥 🔥 IGNITED|MIRROR|Channel新歌推介😇

🔥 🔥 IGNITED|MIRROR|Channel新歌推介😇 🌈人氣組合MIRROR最近有首新歌《IGNITED》氣勢迫人,感覺煥然一新!我們很開心請來MIRROR現身說法,為大家介紹這首新歌!🌈😎😎😎🌈

Hair: Lydia Yung @ Chic Private I Salon

Denny Ku @ Chic Private I Salon

Man @ Chic Private I Salon

Makeup: Circle, Giann, Tifa @Annie G. Chan Centre

wardrobe: D-Mop

場地:Party Baby Party Room


HONG KONG SINGER CHANNEL Hong Kong Singer Channel IG: hkscchannel #hongkongsingerchannel#hkscchannel#hksingerchannel#hongkongsinger#mirror#ignited MIRROR HK mirror fans Mirror Fans Club

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