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01. 春夏秋冬A Balloon's Journey

02. 大熱 The Acca-Jungle

03. 枕頭 Bedtime Soul

04. 寂寞有害 Ancient Boutique

05. 路過蜻蜓 Piano in the Attic

06. 左右手 The Paradox of Choice

07. 同道中人 Night Thoughts

08. 陪你倒數 The Sambass & Bossa

09. 夢到內河 A Rose's Spike

10. 我 The Hymn of Water Fairies

11. 發燒 Fervour of the Passionate [國語]

12. 全世界只想你來愛我 The Only Thing That Matters [國語]

13. 敢愛 Original Demo

14. 我(永遠都愛) The Reprise [國語]

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